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Career Summary

Code enthusiast and creative engineer with the heart of a programmer but an architect’s perspective. Driven Tech lead who likes to dig into code, clear roadblocks, and untangle technical puzzles.

Effective problem solver with high energy, passionate leader with a proven track record of building teams and delivering high quality, scalable software products.

Track record of designing, developing, testing, automating, managing and releasing a complex, large scale, low-latency cloud-based SaaS product (microservices based distributed systems).

Innovative leadership skills, combined with 8 years of programming, 7 years of managing agile teams and 2 years of test automation and release engineering experience with the US Company.


• Node.js, OOP PHP, Java & GO.
• Javascript, ES6, TypeScript, Express.js, React, Redux, Saga, JQuery & AngularJS.
• HTML 5, CSS 3, Sass, Bootstrap, NPM, Webpack & Composer.
• Microservices, REST, RabbitMQ, OAuth 2.0, CURL, JSON, Postman & Swagger.
• Mocha, Chai, Jest, PHPUnit, Selenium-Webdriver, Cucumber JS, WebdriverIO & Nightwatch.js.
• BDD, TDD, CI/CD, e2e test, unit test, integration/api test & performance/load test.
• Circle CI, Jenkins, Drone, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS & Github.
• MySQL, MongoDB & Redis.
• Symfony, Design patterns, SOA, Query optimization, SOLID Principal, Agile, JIRA & Confluence.
• Test Automation, DevOps & Release Engineering.
• Technical Leadership, Engineering Management, Scrum Master, Training and Development.

Employment History

Engineering Manager – January 2011 – Present
Field Nation
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

If Facebook is about socializing and LinkedIn is about networking, then Field Nation is about working. is an online freelance marketplace for onsite work, which connects business.

As an Engineering Manager, 70% of my time includes Code, Test Automation, Release Engineering and DevOps and 30% of my time includes managing, driving and tracking engineering activities.

Key Responsibilities:
• Work closely with product management, UX, internal and external stakeholders to craft user focused solutions.
• Design and develop new features, scripts, modules, frameworks and microservices.
• Architect and implement scalable, secure and reliable solutions.
• Assist in preparing technical specs for development by other developers.
• Perform R&D when necessary to identify the best solution to problems.
• Bring fresh ideas on how technology can be used to solve big problems.
• Giving feedback to the team by reviewing codes to maintain coding standard.
• Develop and maintain test frameworks for e2e testing, API testing, Unit testing and Test data generator of web and mobile applications.
• Develop and maintain CI/CD pipelines and grow test automation infrastructure.
• Manage, drive and track development activities and progress throughout the product lifecycle to deliver high-quality product releases on the schedule.
• Coordinate release and sprint planning within an agile development environment.
• Work closely with the team to encourage and support individual and team technical and professional growth.
• Assess individual and team performance, recognize and promote excellent performance, and address under-performance.
• Reporting to the CTO.

Key Achievements:
• Successfully re-architected the existing monolithic PHP based applications into more modern NodeJS based microservices, exposed via REST API.
• Developed UI component based microservice using React and Redux.
• Automated CI/CD pipelines using Circle CI and developed the e2e and integration test framework using Cucumber JS and Selenium-Webdriver, which improved 20% efficiency and cost of the development.
• Transitioned manual regression testing to a continuous delivery process using test automation, which improved 25% faster quality delivery and reduced 40% hotfix after release.
• Successfully transformed the teams to become Agile and releasing new features every sprint by following Test Automation, DevOps tools & best practices.
• Increased release quality by applying effective release process, QA process and best practices.
• Increased team utilization by adding performance evaluation system and feedback based culture.
• Single-handedly built and leads a high performing agile development team of 30+ people. This team is the main backbone of Field Nation and has been contributed to 90% software development and 100% quality assurance.
• Build a world best SaaS product (freelance marketplace for onsite work) by which company earned $184 million revenue, achieved rank #43 as a fastest growing company in the Inc 500 and expanded it’s global presence in Canada and acquired Field Solutions.

Senior Software Engineer (Team Leader) – October 2008 – December 2010
Astha IT Research & Consultancy Ltd.
Santinagar, Ramna, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Astha IT is an outsourcing software development company and partnered with US based company.

Position Summary:
Requirements analysis, designing, documenting, coding, debugging, code reviewing, testing, deployment.

Key Achievements:
• Joined as a first developer in this company.
• Increased company revenue by developing different web based software applications and products.
• Received Best Employee Award in 2009 and company also received BASIS Outsourcing Award.

Senior Programmer (Team Leader) – January 2007 – September 2008
Sumcynet Ltd. (A company of SUMMIT Group) –
Tejgaon, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sumcynet is an outsourcing software development company and partnered with UK based companies.

Position Summary:
Requirements analysis, designing, documenting, coding, debugging, testing, deployment.

Key Achievements:
• Developed different web based software applications and products.

Web Programmer – May 2006 – September 2006
MNHs E-Solution Ltd (MNHs Technologies)
Uttara, Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh.

MNH is an outsourcing software development company.

Position Summary:
Requirements analysis, designing, documenting, coding, debugging, testing, deployment.

Key Achievements:
• Developed different web based software applications independently.


  • Bachelors in Computer Science (Passing Year: 2003, Exam Held: 2005)
    First Class
    Model Institute of Science & Technology (MIST)
    National University of Bangladesh.
  • Passed Higher Secondary Certificate (H.S.C.) (Science) – 1999
    First division
    Govt. Yasin College, Faridpur.
  • Passed Secondary School Certificate (S.S.C.) (Science) – 1997
    First division
    Faridpur Zila School, Faridpur.

Scholarship / Award

  • Government Scholarship – 1991 from Primary Education.
  • Best Employee – 2009 from Astha IT Research & Consultancy Ltd.

Reference & Project
Available upon request.


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