JoomlaPack 2.2.1 : Failed Smart algorithm on JoomlapackCUBE

July 13, 2009

I was in a big problem that joomlaPack works well in Local but when it’s uploaded in godaddy hosting server, it’s not working anymore. It shows the following message in the log file:

Failed Smart algorithm on JoomlapackCUBEDomainDBBackup
CUBE :: Error occured in domain ‘PackDB
Could not open \home\content\b\e\u\beulaho\html\tmp/1eaffe96 for append, in DB dump.

I searched in google and found lots of solutions but none of them is working for me.

Then edited the following file

So, I just replaced all the DS by ‘//’ in the whole file.

Example, Replace
return $configuration->getTemporaryDirectory().DS.$fileName;
return $configuration->getTemporaryDirectory().‘\\’.$fileName;

That’s all. Special thanks to Riz for giving me Idea.